700r4 electronic speedometer wiring

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700r4 electronic speedometer wiring

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This is useful for each the individuals and for professionals who are searching to learn more on how to set up a functioning surroundings. Wiring Diagrams are designed to be easy to comprehend and easy to construct. You are able to often count on Wiring Diagram as an essential reference that may enable you to preserve time and money. With the aid of the book, you are able to effortlessly do your own personal wiring projects.In this article, you will find everything you have to know about the r4 transmission.

700r4 electronic speedometer wiring

We will begin with the specifications of this transmission. So what is exactly a r4 transmission? The r4 Transmission came in the year The r4 and the R4 transmission replaced the TH transmission in that year. The TH was a 3 geared transmission without the last overdrive gear. The r4 was a big upgrade with an additional gear Overdrivethe 1st and 2nd gear became longer, and the transmission case itself became a bit longer.

To mention all cars, this transmission was fitted in; the list would be very long. A lot of people like the r4 because of its excellent durability. It is also effortless to find replacement parts for this transmission. The r4 transmission was not electronically controlled yet; it was hydraulic pressure controlled with a TV cable, which acted as a throttle position sensor to control the gear shifting.

The transmission then became electronically controlled instead of the TV cable, with some other changes that I will go through further down in the article. The transmission was made between It had a case length of The recommended transmission fluid is Dextron VI, with a capacity of 11 Quarts.

Electric to Mechanical Speedometer Cable Drive Conversion

The transmission case had 16 bolts and a transfer case of aluminum. A lot of you reported that you wondered what the differences are between a k-case and the typical case for the r4 transmission. Most of the GM automatic transmission looks almost identical and is difficult to identify for an untrained eye. However, there are some ways to determine if you have a r, r4, TH, or a 4L60 transmission.

The easiest way to identify if you have a r4 is to raise your car and check the bolts around the transfer case.

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The r4 and the 4L60 transmission uses a bolt pattern of 16 bolts, so if the transmission looks like one of the pictures above and you can see 16 bolts, you most likely have a r4 or a 4L60 transmission. So how can you know which one of these you have? Well, the r4 uses a TV cable as the speedometer, and the 4L60 is an electronically controlled transmission, so if you see wires coming to the transmission on the rear of the transmission on the passenger side, you have a 4L The safest way of checking your transmission is to look at the identification tag on the transmission.

You will find it on the rear side of the transmission on the passenger side. It can be pretty tough to see on older cars, so you may have to clean up your transmission to find it. The 1st number is the year model of the transmission.

700R4 Lockup Wiring Diagram

For example, if the number is 0, the transmission is from So you have to check the next letters too. The next 2 or 3 letters identify the model of the transmission. These numbers tell us the application, engine size, wiring type, and solenoids. The last numbers and letters indicate the manufacturer date, rebuild date, manufacturing place, and serial number.

This is everything you should need to identify your transmission correctly. If you still have questions about it, you are welcome to comment in the comment section at the bottom of your article and ask your questions. Even if the r4 transmission is pretty durable and reliable, they do sometimes fail. We have to remember that these transmissions are old and old things do fail sometimes.

700r4 electronic speedometer wiring

Here I will give some common symptoms of the r4 transmission and add a short line underneath it to explain where you should start looking.

However, the first thing you should always do when your transmission is slipping is to replace the transmission fluid and flush it.The Jalopy Journal. Terms of Service.

Privacy Policy. Log in or Sign up. Atomic Industries www. Register now to get rid of these ads! The H. I'm installing an electric speedo in my '32 and it has a R4 that has an electric hookup for the speedo. My question is: can I wire the speedo up to the trans with out a pulse generator? I purchased one when I bought the gauges but I think it was for converting a cable drive to electric.

If im not mistaking I thought the R4's were all non electronic and the 4l60's were the ones that were electronic? PunkAssGearhead88Feb 26, I know my r4 is mechanical And all the research Ive done on it, I havent seen one that IS electronic But Im young and havent been around for very long It was a mechanical drive. I attached a VDO sender to it, simply screws onto output. I use an electric VDO speedo and wired the convertor lockup function off the brake switch.

The early R4s are mechanical.

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I just rebuilt my 89 R FishbeckFeb 26, Marie, Ontario. Contact the speedo manufacturer, depending on the pulses needed to fire the speedometer, you may be able to wire it direct.

Algoma56Feb 26, Post a picture of what you have. I have a set up R case with an electric sender on RH Passenger side. The R 89 Corvette going in my 46 Olds now has an SS Impala extension housing similar to my 35, however the electric sender is on LH Passenger side and different again with only wiring connectors, no mechanical component where cable would have attached.

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KeepFeb 26, How do you switch an electronic r4 speedo trans to mechanical?Jumps trainer: Nicky HendersonNicky Henderson was denied in heartbreaking fashion with Whisper in last weekend's Ladbrokes Trophy at Newbury, but handsome compensation came courtesy of Buveur d'Air at Newcastle. Last season's Champion Hurdle winner resumed after seven months off with a smooth victory in the Fighting Fifth Hurdle, and whet the appetite for what promises to be a thrilling clash with Faugheen later in the season.

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700R4 Speedometer Gear - Curt's Corner at Monster Transmission

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700r4 Transmission Specifications, Identification & Information

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700r4 electronic speedometer wiring

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