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We think that TikTok is rolling this feature out globally with recent update But iOS users may still be missing features, depending on the person's account. The link is black, bold, and clickable.

tiktok profile link

In this article, I'll explain how TikTok users can add a website to their profile. Add website : In the "Website" line right under "Bio," you'll see a field to "Add a website to your profile.

You don't need the "https"; just "www" will do. I added our website, kapwing. That's all! From browsing TikTok, I can see that many people have discovered the link in bio and are taking advantage of it. For most people, adding a website to a TikTok profile doesn't make a big difference.

But it is a sign that the TikTok platform is maturing Here are a few predictions about how website links will change the TikTok experience. Firstmore brands will create TikToks and start publishing viral content there. Previously, it was harder for a publisher to drive traffic to their own website before TikTok only allowed Instagram and YouTube links.

Although some people might think that this dilutes TikTok's quality because it will be more crowded with brands, I actually think this will dramatically improve the quality of content since professional videographers and creators will have a reason to stick around. We used to invest in great TikTok content, for example, but we stopped trying because we found that the time spent wasn't worth it given that no one who visited our profile could link to our website.

Now, however, they will be able to. Kapwing is a free video editing website that helps creators make slightly better content than it's possible to make with TikTok's primitive editing tools.

Check it out if you want to up your video game. SecondTikTok attribution will become easier, making the platform more friendly to influencers and celebrities.

Without a website URL, it's hard for even the most popular TikTok creators to prove that their content has an impact on people's behavior. As a result, it's difficult to convince brands and other people with money to promote TikTok content. However, the URL gives a direct link between a TikTokers profile and the website, making it easier to demonstrate business value.

TikTok is testing clickable website links on Profile that can drive traffic to websites

So, TikTok users can expect to see more sponsored content on TikTok from now on, similar to how Instagram and Stories have evolved over time. We'll see more affiliate links, referrals, and bit. Overall, however, TikTok is still relatively unfriendly to websites and professional creators. You can't add a link to an individual story, and it's impossible to grow a following incrementally over time.

Instead, TikTokers must continue to strive for global virality, which is extremely difficult for niche brands and personalities. Until TikTok promotes the videos made by the people you follow, there's very little impact to having a larger fan base on the app, meaning creators don't stay around and put in the work to grow their fan count.

Thanks for reading! I will update this article as we hear more news about Website links in the TikTok app.

I expect that more and more TikTokers will get access to the profile link over the next couple of weeks. In our office, only some iOS people have access to the "website" field when they click edit bio. Some accounts including our business account, Kapwing don't yet have access. It seems that all Android users have access to adding a link in bio.Gayathri M - March 14, We know that each day new apps are introduced into the market that helps to enhance more visibility to the business brand.

One of the famous mobile apps, as we all know, is TikTok which is used by millions of people. Now the same application is here with its all-new feature where it helps in testing clickable website links that will drive more traffic to the business website.

Brands and creators who would like to drive traffic back to their website through TikTok can utilize this feature. Small Business and E-commerce portals help to introduce their website to the target users through these unique features.

TikTok has come up with the testing social commerce URL along with this adding social capability for influencer-integrated campaigns. We know that every smartphone has got the feature of TikTok and it has come up with innovation where they can promote advertising through the TikTok platform and also the feature of shopping capabilities.

The TikTok platform has come up with innovative collaborations that help the business clients to strengthen the ability of the clients to connect with the users on the TikTok platform. The deal was established to develop a Digital Marketing Campaign for various business brands so that they get visibility through the social media platform and can generate leads through the traffic that they get from the website.

Our company is the leading Digital Marketing Company that provides the best services to promote the business brand and website through social media platforms. Do you know? Our country India holds the second-highest number of users globally with an estimate of around 73 million users.

When we look into the statistics of leading brands they have already begun running the hashtag challenges and influencer marketing campaigns and many more. TikTok was introduced into the market since late Today TikTok has entered into the advertising world. The easiest way to get involved in TikTok marketing is by creating a profile, creating attractive content, and building an audience.

TikTok Ads at present is available only in certain countries and has got a restrictive price tag. Paid TikTik ads can come in different forms:. As mentioned, TikTok ads are very expensive and if you could afford the promoted hashtag challenge, this would be a good option. Working with a proven and relevant TikTok influencer to promote your business brand is worth than spending thousands on TikTok commercials where we have to produce our extraordinary content to grab the attention of the target audience.

This is the strategy followed by many companies to promote their brand in the digital platform. We have an innovative and enthusiastic social media marketing team that helps in promoting the business brand in various social media platforms and thereby increasing more visibility to the brand along with increasing more traffic to the website.

Total Views : Your email address will not be published. Please enable JavaScript to submit this form. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Now let us discuss how businesses can harness the power of TikTok. Paid TikTik ads can come in different forms: Pre-roll ads: Videos that starts playing as soon as users open the app In-feed ads: Videos that appear before the user as they scroll down.

Promoted hashtags challenges: Videos encouraging users to submit custom hashtags.Become popular and earn on TikTok! Thank you, our team has received your message!

Link to the TikTok profile. Link to the YouTube channel if you have one.

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Link to the Instagram profile. Let's go to the future! MediaCube partnership network on TikTok is your chance to become an idol for a multimillion audience and make good money on your creative work.

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With us you also can. Upload your music. Do you have any potential hits? With us you can put your tracks on the official catalog of TikTok and you will be heard by a multimillion audience.

A Beginner's Guide to TikTok

Earn with advertising. You can advertise brands on TikTok only through a partnership network, other integrations are prohibited and removed from the platform. With MediaCube you can not only be creative, but also make money with it. Verify profile.

Are you popular on other platforms or very active on TikTok? We will get that tick for you!Tik Tok is a specific and the most popular music website to sharing videos and music in the USA. You can share music and videos. The first release was in April Musical. By the end of DecemberTikTok Application reached over million users!

We know how important it is to be famous on TikTok.

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Controlling what people see on your profile

Safety online SSL protection. Click image below and visit. Many of our fans send pictures with thanks. They are trying to help us and we are trying to help you. We want help you be famous on Tik Tok site.

tiktok profile link

From our website with free fans, crowns, hearts — use the whole world. Thank you for that!

How to be famous on TikTok: the best way

DEAR Users! TikTok is an application to sharing videos, profiles, hashtags, photos and e.During these challenging times, we guarantee we will work tirelessly to support you.

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We will get through this together. Updated: February 18, Tech Tested. This wikiHow teaches you how to share your Tik Tok profile in a message or social media post using an iPhone or iPad.

Open Tik Tok. Tap the profile icon. Tap Share Profile. Select an app. Send or post the message. Did this summary help you? Yes No. Random Article. Home Random Terms of Use. We use cookies to make wikiHow great. By using our site, you agree to our cookie policy.

As the COVID situation develops, our hearts ache as we think about all the people around the world that are affected by the pandemic Read morebut we are also encouraged by the stories of our readers finding help through our site. This article was co-authored by our trained team of editors and researchers who validated it for accuracy and comprehensiveness.

The wikiHow Tech Team also followed the article's instructions and validated that they work. Explore this Article Steps. Related Articles. Article Summary. Open Tik Tok on your iPhone or iPad. This displays a list of your videos. You can also find a sharing option near the bottom-right corner of any of your videos. Click Share Profile.The social network has since spread far beyond Generation Z : TikTok has been downloaded over 1 billion times, including 96 million in the United States, according to estimates from the research firm Sensor Tower.

tiktok profile link

The app itself revolves around sharing second videoclips, which are set to music often licensed from artists and record labels. TikTok is now beloved not only by lip-syncing year-olds, but also by comedians, athletes, and, yes, brands.

The app is fast-paced and chaotic, combining elements of Spotify, Snapchat, Vineand Twitch into a single social network. After you download the app, you can immediately start browsing videos. You can make an account using your email, your phone number, or a third-party platform like Facebook. The app automatically assigns you a username. If you sign up for TikTok with your phone number, the app will generate a generic username such as user Using an email address generates a more personalized ID although that may present a privacy issue for users.

Then hit Edit Profile. Here, you can change it to something more unique, as well as add a bio, picture, and Profile Video. By default, TikTok accounts are public, meaning anyone can see your profile and view the videos you post. To adjust these privacy settings, tap the three dots in the top right corner of your profile. The app is divided into two main feeds. Follow creators who make you laugh, like k. The first will take you to the profile of the user who posted it.

Next are comments, then a right-pointing arrow for sharing individual TikToks to other platforms. Click the arrow if you want to copy the link to a specific TikTok, for example, to share it on iMessage.

The very last icon is a spinning record with music notes emanating from it. This represents the song excerpt the user is playing in their TikTok. Hard press on the video to reveal a Not Interested button.

Ready to share your own TikTok? First, tap the plus sign at the bottom of the screen. The camera will open, revealing a red record button reminiscent of Snapchat. Before you start recording, you can add a song, so that your lip-sync, dance, or skit is in time with the music. If you want to film something in the moment, you can skip ahead and start recording without a musical track, then add the music later.

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Like Snapchat, TikTok has an array of AR effects that can be used in videos, which do things like change the color of your hair or eyes. Tap Effects on the left-hand side to browse them. The World tab includes options meant for the environment, such as a delicious-looking slice of augmented-reality pizza.We want our users to have their best experience online, which means being able to create and have fun while feeling safe and comfortable.

This post is part of our Community Well-Being series that aims to educate users on how to customize their TikTok experience using the various safety, privacy, and well-being tools available to them. Your TikTok profile is the way to display your likes and interests to the community. From videos you enjoy to content you create, a profile is a snapshot of your personality. But not everyone wants to share parts of their profile, so TikTok created features that allow you to restrict what your friends and the public can see.

With these tools, you're in control of what you show the world. Liking videos is an important part of curating your TikTok experience. When you like a video, TikTok will try to show you similar videos you might also find entertaining. But we understand that sometimes you might not want the world to see everything you tapped a heart for. That's why we added a feature that keeps your list of liked videos private.

Your likes will automatically be set as visible only to you, but you can change that at any time from your profile page:. TikTok has tons of video creation and editing tools to foster your creativity.

It's fun to share the videos you make with your friends and the community, but sometimes you might want to experiment by creating a video just for you. By making that video private, you will be the only person who can view it. NOTE: Private videos must still follow the community guidelines and may be flagged by filters for moderation. By default, your account starts as public, which means any TikTok user can view your videos and post comments, reactions, or duets to engage with the content you've created and shared — but you can easily change it to a private account in your Privacy Settings.

United States. By clicking the "send" button, you confirm that you agree to our Terms of Use and acknowledge you have read and understood our Privacy Policy. Who can see your likes Liking videos is an important part of curating your TikTok experience.

Your likes will automatically be set as visible only to you, but you can change that at any time from your profile page: Access Privacy and Settings by clicking the three dots in the top right corner Tap "Who Can See the Videos I've Liked" Choose between All and Me Making a video private TikTok has tons of video creation and editing tools to foster your creativity. Switching to a private account By default, your account starts as public, which means any TikTok user can view your videos and post comments, reactions, or duets to engage with the content you've created and shared — but you can easily change it to a private account in your Privacy Settings.

Remember: Information you put in your profile will be visible to all users You can edit your privacy settings by visiting the Privacy and Safety tab on your profile page. You may not use TikTok if you are under 13, or the minimum age for your country or region if designated differently in the Terms of Service.

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